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Protect Your Child by Improving Your Home's Air Quality

As parents, we aim to protect our children from the many dangers they may come across. We watch them carefully in the park and at the store, we make sure they eat healthy meals and drink enough water, and we design their bedrooms in such a way as to minimize the number of possible ways they could get hurt.

However, one of the most important ways we can keep our children healthy often goes neglected. While good air quality helps prevent colds, coughs, and health problems down the line, bad air can cause many different issues, with effects as disparate as poor health or decreased aptitude in school. It is incredibly important to take a close look at the air quality in your home.

Here are some steps you can take to ensure your family stays healthy.

The Effects of Poor Air Quality in Your Home

Allergens are one of the main causes of bad air quality in your home. Even if you don’t suffer from allergies, such as seasonal pollen or cedar, your health can still be affected by the presence of dust, pet dander, and mold. While at first it may manifest itself as a scratchy throat, slight cough, or runny nose, over time, more serious conditions may begin to appear, like shortness of breath and reduced energy. Mold, in particular, can cause chronic coughing, asthma, and frequent sneezing. If you regularly breathe in poor quality air, you may be at greater risk for conditions like asthma, heart disease, and even cancer. Monitor your children carefully for these kinds of symptoms; if left unchecked, the symptoms could worsen into pulmonary illness.

Factors That Contribute to Poor Air Quality

There are several factors that can increase the number of unhealthy particles in your air. Carpets, draperies, rugs, houseplants, and fan blades are some of the most common sources of dust, mites, mold, and dander, as they typically are not cleaned every day and collect the particles. You can start to counteract this by dusting your fans and plants on a weekly basis, vacuuming your carpets and rugs as often as necessary (depending on the amount of foot traffic in their location), and washing your curtains once a month. If you live in a humid area that causes the humidity in your home to be 50 percent or higher, you may need to wash everything more frequently, as high humidity provides a warm breeding ground for mold and dust mites.

If possible, you may want to consider replacing your carpet with wood or tile flooring to reduce the amount of dust and other debris that gets collected over time. After all, even the most high-power vacuum cannot collect every particle. Finally, if you have pets, groom them frequently to reduce dander.

How to Improve Your Air Quality

To create better air quality in your home, you’ll need a plan. Start by setting a particular day and time aside each week to fully clean your house. Be sure to clean or wash commonly forgotten items such as curtains, bedspreads, and cushion covers. If you often wake up with congestion, try swapping out your current set of pillows and sheets for hypoallergenic varieties. Clean your air filters as often as necessary -- once a month is a good frequency to start with, though you may need to do it more frequently if you smoke inside the house. Don’t neglect the other filters in your home, like the filters in your vacuum cleaner, dryer, and the fan above your stove. If you are still finding that your air quality is low, consider investing in an air purifier.

To keep your family safe, remember to monitor the air quality in your home. If you clean regularly, pay particular attention to frequently forgotten items, and keep your filters in check, you should see a great improvement overall.

Susan Treadway


Photo cred by Pexels.com

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