200hr Yoga Teacher Training

Online, From Anywhere and/or In-Person Options Likely As Well!

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So, you’re ready to take the next step in your yoga journey?

At Cambio Yoga, we know our students have different lifestyles, budgets, learning styles, and needs, so we have two programs to make this big step accessible for you! Both programs have the same comprehensive curriculum, experienced faculty, and both prepare you to teach a safe, well rounded, effective, inclusive class (if you choose to teach!) and help you gain more knowledge and experience in the greater depths of yoga.

You can choose from the 12 Week Intensive (starting Sept 2020) or the Extended Program (starting again Jan 2021), where you can finish in as soon as 1 year, or take up to 3 years to finish. We've got you covered whether you love vinyasa yoga, hot yoga (when available), or both! Scroll below to learn more, and email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information. Furthermore, you're invited to come hang out (online), get to know us and learn why we love our programs so much at a Free Info Session!

Free Info Sessions:


Thursday, September 10 @ 5:30p MDT:: Live-Stream

with Amber Richman, Owner & YTT Director  Sign Up


Friday, September 11 @ 5:30p MDT:: Live-Stream

with Austin Richman, Co-Founder & YTT Lead Teacher  Sign Up


Can't make it? No problem! Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




& In-Person options will likely become avialable!

"If you’re a little concerned about YTT in this time and in this unique situation, I completely sympathize, so I’m sharing a bit of my experience. Thanks to the tireless efforts of our instructors, our class transitioned to an entirely online format overnight. We still had everything we needed to succeed…a sincere, supportive community, incredible instruction and facilitated discussion, and a deeper understanding of the material, along with practical practice opportunity. Not only did I leave confident that I could teach a class, but that I could teach a class ONLINE…and so, I am already, just a few weeks after graduation, passing those much-needed gifts to others. The timing for YTT was perfectly imperfect."
-Cami G, Winter/Spring 2020 Graduate

Know that there are a lot of places that you could do you teacher training at, whether it is here in Colorado Springs or in the vast possibilities of the internet. As we are currently hosting our training online, our competition is even bigger, so here are some reasons why you should look no further:

1) At Cambio School of Yoga, our mission is accessibility, community and education and we've led 25 Yoga Teacher Trainings over the last decade.

2) Yes, we will be offering online teacher training this right now, and, YES, all of your online training will be done live with a lead teacher. This differs from many other online options that are pre-recorded-- you just can’t watch pre-recorded sessions and get the same experience. We will actually know your name, what your down dog looks like, what verbal tendencies you have -- and all of this will help us to inform your teaching skills that much more! We are hopeful to move to in-person offerings soon, but will continue training online for those who need it to make this training our most accessible yet. We are hopeful to move to in-person offerings soon, but will continue training online for those who need it to make this training our most accessible yet.

3) Because we know many of you are struggling financially, we are offering a “Give a Scholarship, Take a Scholarship” program. This is your chance to get in on the lowest price since 2011 - or choose to give some extra to support a classmate! (Applicable only for the Intensive program track.)

4) If you enjoy Cambio offerings, there is a good chance that your teacher graduated from Cambio's YTT, as about 90% of our teachers are homegrown. Our public classes and workshops speak for the high-quality training that you receive with us.

5) If you are considering other online trainings, we know that you can find others that are doing it for less tuition. Consdier what you are getting for that price. You might want to investigate:

  • How long have they been leading YTTs? 
  • What are the outcomes for their teachers? 
  • How many teachers are placed in studios?  
  • What are their reviews on Yoga Alliance?
  • Ask them how many hours will you get with live teachers? (You won’t get as many as you would with us, which is 100%!)


We LOVE leading teacher trainings and would be doing this anyways. We find ourselves now in a pool with teachers who have little experience leading YTTs and who are assembling mostly pre-recorded trainings online to that could (intentionally or unintentionally) take advantage of students during this time. As world events continue to unfold (and simultaneously as time seems to stand still), we practice sitting in uncertainty. As yoga practitioners, this makes for a fertile time for our practice. Take this opportunity to learn something new, don't wait until you are once again too busy to affect change in your life...commit to Yoga Teacher Training and embark on a journey of your mind, body, and heart.

We are here to serve you, your friends, your family & your community.


↓ Choose from our Two Program Tracks ↓



Extended Program Details

Next Orientation Date in January 2021!


Intensive Program Details

Online Only and/or In-Person Options (if/when available)

Schedule, Orientation & Modules

Orientation will be offered January 2021!
There are 5 core modules offered on the 2nd weekend of certain months, to include the following topics:

  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Vinyasa Sequencing
  • Business & Ethics
  • Subtle Body
  • Ritual & Language
  • Philosophy

This program meets for 12 weeks with a schedule of:

  • Saturdays 9a-1p
  • Sundays 9a-3p
  • Tuesdays 6-8/9p
  • Thursdays starting on Week 4 :: 6-8 or 9pm

*All Mountain Time

  • Pay In Full: $2,200 total We waived your deposit!

  • Pay In a Year: $2,500 total; $300 deposit, $200 monthly for next 11 mo.

  • Pay as You Go: $2,750 total; $300 deposit + in-person & online modules priced individually

  • "Pick a scholarship option or give a scholarship option this year only! "
  • Base price is $2200
  • You can give or take up to $300 scholarship to support your needs or a fellow classmate who needs the extra funds!
Additional Costs
Additional Costs
  • Books
  • 10 donation-based classes during training
  • Books
  • 10 donation-based classes during training
Schedule Your Independent Work
  • Monthly supervised practice teach sessions (7 required)
  • Yoga class observations (5 required)
  • In class teaching (8 required)



Which Program is right for me?

Extended - Starts January 2021


Intensive - Starts September 13, 2020

Available Online, Nationwide through 2020! (And/Or In-Person when safe)

  • Flexible Schedule, take it at your own pace (1-3 years)
  • Pay at your own pace
  • Great for Self-starters
  • Payment Plans Available!
  • Accepts MyCAA Scholarships for Eligable Military Spouses
  • Fast-track
  • Consistent Community Connection
  • Structured Schedule
  • Payment Plans Available!
  • Accepts MyCAA Scholarships for Eligable Military Spouses




Who is this Teacher Training for?

Whoever you are & whatever path you embark on, there is much to be gained from this program!


  • Maybe you have years of experience or maybe you are brand new to the practice. Either way, our Lead Teachers offer an experience custom to your experience level. You will learn about your own practice in terms of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.
  • “Cambio’s loving, accepting, and nurturing community made this one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The vast knowledge of the staff has been the most valuable gift in my journey. I knew I was on the right path and in the right place every time I was with my amazing sangha and teachers. Transformational is a term commonly and appropriately used for this experience, cliche or not. I would say this has been challenging, thought provoking, and inspirational. Thank you.”  -Jesi S


  • Do you want to experience the unique feeling of teaching yoga? This can be a beautiful opportunity to connect with others and serve your community. Rest assured that you will graduate with the skills to teach a safe, well-rounded and intelligently sequenced class.
  • “I was armed with a set of practical skills to be a safe and effective yoga teacher.” - Katie W


  • In Yoga Teacher Training, you develop a “sangha”, or community. These groups tend to grow very close and are unlike many relationships you experience in your day-to-day lives. In the Intensive YTT, you are with the same people for the duration of the training. In the Extended YTT, you may know several people in your module that month, but there may also be some new faces you haven’t seen before!
  • “I've always known that Cambio was big on supporting the community and bringing it together but I also got to experience it in a whole new way. One that I will never forget.” - Andi S


  • Yes! Many people aren’t sure of their “why” or what they want to do with a YTT certification. That’s great! Many people also start with one idea in mind, and after being exposed to the wide world of yoga through our training, come out with very different ideas. Some people incorporate what they have learned in their jobs as school teachers, physical & massage therapists, and even as Army chaplains. 
  • “I found myself, by finding how to teach yoga.” Kyle J





*Due to the sliding-scale scholarship of this year's Intensive YTT, discounts will not be applicable with this program track, however we will still accept MyCAA Scholarships!

  • Sign up at an Info Session :: $100 off total tuition. For the Extended Program, it's applied as $25 off for your first four modules
  • Pay-in-full discount :: $200 off the total tuition if you choose if you pay all at once
  • Cash or check :: $50 off by paying with cash or check. For the Extended program, it's applied one time if paying in full
  • MyCAA Scholarship :: We welcome military spouse scholarship students through MyCAA. Info session & PIF discounts still apply
  • Payment Plans available for both!
And yes, you get to stack all of these discounts!



Six Objectives for our Programs

  • Learn to teach and modify a fundamentally sound, safe, and accessible class.
  • Learn to to give safe hands on adjustments.
  • Experience personal growth through and gain an understanding of the chakra system.
  • Gain a basic understanding of yoga philosophy.
  • Be exposed to the wide world of yoga beyond the postures i.e. prenatal, sanskrit, pranayama, chanting, business of yoga, meditation, etc…
  • Have fun and connect with community.


Upcoming Training Details
Extended 12 Week Intensive
Next Orientation Date: January 2021 Next Start Date: Sunday, September 13, 2020

Weekend Modules are offered once per year,

on the second weekend of the month;

independant work is completed at your own pace.

End Date: Saturday December 12, 2020


Thank you for taking the time to consider our program, we hope that wherever you choose to do your YTT you get exactly what you’re looking for. At cambio we strive to provide the highest quality training with a variety of well-trained, passionate facilitators so that your experience may leave you with a well-rounded skill set in the fundamentals of yoga teaching techniques, the understanding of the wide world of yoga, the opportunity to connect with community and personal transformation.




Meet the Lead Teachers


Amber outside shruggingAmber Richman :: Cambio Owner, YTT Director :: M.A.T., E-RYT 500, RCYT, C-IAYT

As a lifelong yoga student herself, Amber has experienced again and again how important the educational piece of yoga education is--and that education must be about the individual.

This is why Cambio's mission to make yoga accessible includes offering curriculum that is of the highest quality and that is the most life transforming and affirming in both content and delivery--it's a recognition that not all people learn the same way or are on the same place on the yoga path, and that that is ok! Ultimately, Amber loves people, yoga, and education, so she absolutely loves getting to share the teachings that have been so important in her own life with others.

No two people receive information the same way, so as yoga teachers (of any aspect of yoga), we must find ways to meet people where they are. Amber believes teachers must come from a place of both preparedness and compassion in order for the teachings to flow through them and deeply impact students.


Austin sitting at the top of the Incline
Austin Richman :: Cambio Co-Founder, Intensive Lead Teacher :: E-RYT 500
Austin believes that any sincere practitioner of yoga can benefit from taking a Tecaher Training and part of his intention in training is to forget what you know and start with an open and clear mind, as he takes the journey along with the student. Working with teachers in training is something he has been fortunate to be doing over the course of the last decade having his hand in helping well over 200 students make the profound transformation to become teachers. His teaching style is philosophical and practical and his ethos is "don't take my word for it, find out for yourself!" The trainings he and his sister Amber have developed are meant to meet the student where they are at and designed with multiple teaching styles incorporated throughout to suit any and all learning styles. He and Amber have worked hard to make sure that their trainings offer both the pragmatic aspects to help one excel in the profession but also well rounded in all the work that goes into self-care to ensure that the trainee comes out with intentions toward achieving their own personal excellence. Austin is an uplifting, philosophical, and challenging teacher who also just so happens to cherish making people laugh. Austin's overarching Yoga philosophy is that we all do yoga and it is a tool meant to aid us in achieving our hghest potential as well as a pathway toward clarity, peace and joy.

 Kristen, sitting and smiling outsideKristen Mack :: Intensive Coordinator, Lead Teacher :: E-RYT 500, CMT

I fell in love with yoga after the first class I attended. Not knowing much about it other than I felt better - physically, mentally, and emotionally - than I had in a while, I knew it was something I wanted to share with others. I completed my own 200 hour teacher training through Cambio Yoga and really connected with the mission of making yoga accessible to anyone that wants it, and the community that was being created was like nothing I had experienced before. When the opportunity came up to become a faculty member of the teacher training program, I took it with the intention of helping the program to grow & evolve to meet the needs of students, and further reach those that wanted to spread the teachings of yoga.

Yoga isn't one size fits all - each person has a unique experience with the practice, as in life. I strive to meet each student where they are so everyone is able to get what they need, but I also challenge students in ways that foster their growth as a teacher and as a student.


Suzanne playing the harmonium outsideSuzanne Mariska :: Extended Program Coordinator, Lead Teacher :: E-RYT 500

Suzanne Mariska has a diverse and in-depth background in yoga.  She studied at Shoshoni Yoga Ashram in 2005, and continued her education in 300 hour programs through the Shambhava School of Yoga and Cambio Yoga, as well as studying Pilates and Personal Training.  You will find Suzanne teaching many aspects of yoga training, including posture clinics, adaptations for prenatal and beginning students, meditation and yoga philosophy. Her area of specialization in teacher training is mantra practice and the Sanskrit language.  She has studied these topics in depth through training with Mike Cohen, Anandra George, and Manorama. Suzanne has been teaching at Cambio Yoga since 2009, and also serves many people the broader community through teaching chair yoga, private yoga sessions, and leading Kirtan and mantra meditation practices.

The most inspiring part of yoga training for Suzanne is the growth and healing she witnesses in sincere students of yoga. She believes yoga should be accessible to all people and deeply values working in the diverse and vibrant community of Cambio Yoga.  With a background in foreign language and secondary education, Suzanne enjoys providing a learning experience that includes tools for different learning styles. She believes that the practice of yoga in community is a powerful bridge between people from different backgrounds and life paths.


Photo of Anna sitting on a logAnna Mack :: Cambio Extended Coordinator, Lead Teacher :: E-RYT 200

Anna started her yoga journey with a Rodney Yee, Yoga for Runners VHS tape in 2001. While it wasn't love at first site, she did find the physical practice helped to balance her body from years of athletics. In 2007, Anna began a regular studio practice in order to help regain lost flexibility and ease pain caused by a reconstructed knee and scoliosis. Experiencing the positive effects of a regular practice, Anna was inspired to enroll in Teacher Training at Cambio Yoga in 2011. Anna's classes are anatomically focused and challenging. Expect to refine alignment and learn something new about your body and practice.

Anna has been a faculty member for Cambio's 200 Hour Teacher Training Program for five years and became one of the Extended Program Lead's in 2017. Anna is passionate about educating teachers in anatomy and human movement and enjoys helping others in their own yoga journey.

Anna's other qualifications include a BS in Exercise Science, MS in Sport Management, USATF Level 1 Coach, USATF XC Specialist, training and prior certifications in strength & conditioning.


Headshot of MorgenMorgen Thomas :: Teacher Training Faculty, Hot Yoga Teacher Training, MA, E-RYT, YACEP

Morgen Thomas teaches sociology, gerontology, and social psychology at the university level. Her yoga journey began when she stepped into a hot yoga class a year after undergoing spinal surgery in 2004. Feeling the healing benefits of the practice, she completed a 200-hour hot yoga teacher training in 2010 and began teaching hot yoga at Cambio that same year. In 2011, she completed a second 200-hour vinyasa-focused teacher training at Cambio. In 2016, she completed a 300-hour training in yoga therapy. In 2013, she completed Matthew Sanford's Opening Yoga Level I&II adaptive yoga training as well as his Advanced Studies course in 2017. Her continuing education is centered on adaptive yoga for people with disabilities and progressive mobility restrictions. Morgen is an E-RYT 500 with emphasis on serving nontraditional students - people with disabilities, LGBTQ+, elderly, and those living with chronic pain and progressive conditions. She is the hot yoga teacher training lead at Cambio Yoga and a teacher training lead mentor at Yoga Studio Satya. She conducts ongoing workshops and trainings on adaptive yoga, ethics, and creating inclusive and accessible yoga spaces for all humans. Morgen is also a writer published in fiction, creative nonfiction, journalism, and peer-reviewed academic research. It is Morgen's strong belief that yoga is IN and FOR EVERY BODY. Creating - and helping other teachers create - inclusive and fully accessible yoga spaces is her passion and her mission.




Our Guiding Principles




















Yoga is a way of life and should be accessible to all.


Community is important. Everyone is a valuable member and we are here to serve our community.


Everyone is perfect just as they are. Everyone has their own path and is at a different point in life.


From physical abilities to beliefs, everyone is at the right place at the right time.






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