This week's installment of Yoga Living Project has one of our favorite guest writers Susan Treadway on the topic of how to uplift your spirits. We think this is a very timely article as this time of year winter puts its clap on us, the excitement of the Holidays long past and even our resolutions seem to be fading. We hope you enjoy her tips and as always please let us know how liked it. We are also always looking for guest writers so do please reach ut if you are so called to do so at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



How to Uplift Your Spirit with Only a Few Changes

Our lives can be chaotic. We work too hard for too many hours, and our well-being is the ultimate sacrifice. Even our days off can be hectic or do little to grow our spiritual wellness. Thankfully, it doesn't take much to turn the tide and look after ourselves.

Eat with Intuition

Diets are rarely focused on health, but on being skinny. This negativity can do irreparable damage to our psyches and spirits. Instead of cutting things out of our lives, we need to embrace healthy eating. Intuitive eating is one path to wellness that can free ourselves from negativity. When you intuitively eat, you eat with intention. That intention is to nourish yourself and to not under or overeat. Without focusing on “skinny,” we foster a sense of positivity and health. The more you pay attention to how you feel while you eat, the more you'll naturally crave nutritious foods. By not investing energy in denying yourself, you bring energy to how you eat. There is no consuming pressure to eat junk or sweets, as they are not forbidden.

Allow Sleep to Flourish

Having a bedroom sanctuary can help us sleep better at night. Transform your sleeping space by making it comfortable. Start by using heavy curtains to block out light. Add plants to keep air fresh during the night, and Make use of aromatherapy to aid in relaxation after a long day. Comfort also comes from our furniture. If you find yourself restless, you may need a new mattress or pillow. You could further aid your efforts by turning down the thermostat. Cooler temperatures help our bodies to prepare for slumber naturally. Lastly, your quarters should only be for unwinding. Don't exercise or work in your room, as you don't want any energetic associations. This should be a place for sleep and relaxation.

Practice Yoga Regularly

Yoga is one of the best things you can do for your spirit, body, and mind. According to Good Housekeeping, recent studies suggest that it can reduce stress and improve mental health. Not only does it increase muscle, flexibility, and balance, but it can also lower pain levels. Practicing yoga is a way to ensure both your body and your soul are well-looked after. Cambio Yoga offers classes with an emphasis on community, accessibility, and education. It curates a welcoming environment by providing services for all incomes. A simple donation, in an amount you specify, gives you access to classes taught by patient experts for all body types and ability levels. Yoga is, after all, about the promotion of joy for anyone and everyone.

Commit to Yourself

We all need moments to ourselves, if only for the sake of our health. Make time, and yourself, a priority by writing a list of all you do each day. Compare that to a list of what you want to achieve. What can you change to make the second list a reality? This may involve trimming back. For example, if work has increased your load, you may need to assert yourself and request help. You might have to turn down an acquaintance when they ask for a favor. By learning to put yourself first, you may find that you have more energy for others down the line.

Bring Joy to Your Days

By opening up our schedules, we find time to seek the passion our souls crave. If this is particularly difficult, even after making the changes above, write a gratitude list. By focusing our attention on positive things, we align our thoughts with goodness. Spend time laughing, and make sure you do something you love, even if it's just heading to a yoga class after work.

We don't need to sacrifice hours a day to see spiritual growth in our lives. With only a few tweaks and a yoga class here or there, we can help our souls soar. Let go of your daily worries, release negative thinking, and open your heart with mindful living.

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