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6 Top Tips to Stay Healthy and Motivated When Working as a Freelancer


There’s a lot to love about freelancing. From the moveable schedule to the fact that you can don pyjamas as workwear, self-employment comes with loads of benefits. However, all the apparent advantages – including the flexibility and freedom – can quickly become drawbacks if you don’t institute some kind of order into your freelancing lifestyle.


If you already descended into a mire of unproductivity, don’t fret. It’s entirely possible to stay healthy and motivated as a freelancer, and we’re going to show you exactly how. Check out the following tips, and you’ll be rearing to go in no time.


1. Adopt some “in-office” rules

Okay, so the whole point of going out on your own was to avoid the strictures of office life.  But if you take such a flexible attitude to your working schedule that you allow yourself to defer tasks until you’re forced to stay up until 1 am to complete them, then all semblance of “out-of-hours” leisure time goes out the window.


Guard against this by establishing a work schedule – not necessarily 9-5, but a series of shifts per week that works for you. If you’re most productive in the morning, start early to finish early; if you know you work better at night, give yourself the mornings off.


2. Exercise before you begin work, or after you finish for the day.

Sometimes you need to move outside of the home to ensure that you’re productive within it. Stepping outdoors for a quick walk or run in nature is a terrific way to get in the proper headspace for the day ahead (or, alternatively, to clear your head after the working day’s done). To feel truly free, kick off your shoes and go barefoot.


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3. Experiment with what you eat

For freelancers who previously worked in central-city offices, getting used to eating at home can be a lesson in tedium. Many self-employed people end up making the same breakfast, lunch, or dinner on repeat. This is a recipe for dissatisfaction not only with your meals but with your lifestyle more generally.


To combat food boredom, try new recipes, buy new items at the grocery store, and make lunch something to look forward to. After all, you might as well take advantage of your newfound nearness to your kitchen to whip up some new and exciting meals!


4. Cultivate your hobbies

As freelancers, it can be tempting to adopt work as our full-time vocation. To get the most out of our working hours, though, we need to cultivate other hobbies as well. So, carve some time out of every day to develop a new skill or hobby that’s completely unrelated to your work.  Meant to pick up painting again? Now’s the time. Always wanted to learn jiu-jitsu? Start Googling.


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5. Reach beyond your typical circle for feedback

Because you’ll no longer have a boss or manager on hand to evaluate your work at regular intervals, you may get into the trap of only asking for feedback from your family or friends –who, despite their best intentions, may have a slight bias and gloss over any issues. To ensure that you’re not seeing your work through rose-tinted glasses, build up a network of fellow professionals and other freelancers to whom you can send any major projects for constructive criticism.


6. Remind yourself of why you do what you do

Freelancing will test your self-sufficiency, your resilience, and your self-belief. When things get tough financially or otherwise, it helps to remind yourself of what’s brought you to self-employment in the first place. Often, it won’t be palpable achievements that will give you the boost you need, but rather the realisation that by pursuing freelance work, you’re able to do what you love – on your terms. Nothing beats that.

Cloe has first-hand experience about the joys and challenges of freelancing – a rewarding way of working that takes hours of motivation, learning and guidance from fellow freelancers. Visit Cloe’s blog to read more of her inspiring pieces.

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