At Cambio you know we revolve around our local community, so we are thrilled that this week's installment of the Yoga Livng Project comes from Cambio Student Cassian J Cole who recently launched a challenge for people to go out in their neighborhood or local trailhead and pick up garbage.  Read (or watch) to check out this the idea and share -share - share it to help this movement gain momentum.

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Forgotten Parks Project



You are reading my blog, so it’s likely that sustainable living interests you. It may even have become a source of passion in your life, as it has for me and so many others who realize our environment is in jeopardy. One of my recent blogs covers this in detail, so if you want more information, go check that out now.



You down with FPP?


(Forgotten Parks Project)


My goal with the Forgotten Parks Project (FPP) is to do the most net good in the world around me – right now. I know there are other issues we are facing (especially in America), but we can’t fix them all at once or help every group of people by taking the same set of actions. However, the health of our planet affects everyone, every day. So let’s start with cleaning up our act.

The main objectives of the FPP is to raise awareness of the worldwide pollution crisis and encourage participation in addressing this issue through simple action. It’s so easy for you and I to be part of the solution. Here’s how you can get started.

  1. Find a place with visible garbage that needs to be cleaned
  2. Film yourself cleaning up the place
  3. Dispose of garbage and recyclables properly
  4. Post video or picture on your social media, challenge some of your friends and followers to do the same. Use the hashtag #forgottenparks or #forgottenparksproject
  5. High five mother nature.



It will take a global effort to rid our planet of non-sustainable waste. I cannot clean it all up on my own, and neither can you. But if we all start, we can make a positive difference and encourage others to do the same. My hope is that once we clean up our environment of pollution, we can all bring the idea of zero waste to the forefront of the American mind. The future is green chemistry, in finding product systems that don’t leave behind massive landfills of waste.

So, simple. Make a video of you or a group of people cleaning garbage from somewhere out in the world. It could be at the beach, a park, your neighborhood, or even near your favorite coffee spot. Get your friends involved, take someone with when you clean and film, and just get some quality time with Mother Nature.

Another thing I want to reduce is mental pollution. Starting with a particular phenomenon, “The bystander effect”.  Defined by Psychology Today:

The bystander effect occurs when the presence of others discourages an individual from intervening in an emergency situation, against a bully, or during an assault or other crime. The greater the number of bystanders, the less likely it is for any one of them to provide help to a person in distress. People are more likely to take action in a crisis when there are few or no other witnesses present.

I think this phenomenon also applies when people try addressing worldwide issues, such as pollution and climate change. However, as I have gotten older the problems of the world seem to have increased, or maybe it is my access to the world’s problems that has increased (thanks internet). In either case I would like to normalize people taking action to do what they believe is right, regardless of social pressure to not rock the boat; or the idea that we should accept something because “it’s always been that way”. The world needs change and I believe change will be made by everyday people, not politicians. I’ll go first, below is a video of me cleaning dog poop and garbage off a trail in Colorado Springs, enjoy.




The Forgotten Parks Project is my first attempt at starting positive momentum in the world, surrounding an issue I want to help resolve. Lowering pollution and finding sustainable solutions is one of, if not the, most important issues of our time. I believe that the Forgotten Parks Project plants the seed for a green future. Please let me know when you participate in the Project (@theorganicpoptart on Instagram), and use the hashtag #forgottenparks / #forgottenparkproject when you challenge your community to participate.

Thank you – and good luck!

The Narrative.

written and filmed by Cassian J Cole

Edited by Alissa Kortranza


Read more from The Narrative here.

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