In 2020, we've seen many people discover new passions, change careers and find their unique ways in influencing the world around them. Here, Nishil, from Speakaudible, gives 7 tangible tips to help make the most of your podcast. The world needs to know what you're doing, so get out there and share it!



7 Ways to Market Your Podcasts in 2020



Podcasts are a trend these days. Established influencers are shifting to podcasts as well. The people who are planning to build a social influence are also attracted to podcasts easily. 

There are many reasons for such a huge craze. Podcasts are an easy tool with the least equipment needed. The second one is that it can be used by people who feel shy to show their faces. Podcasts neither require lots of arrangements nor does it demand huge expenditure. There is a huge market in podcasts because people can tune in podcasts like songs irrespective of where they are.

With the increasing competition in podcasts, it has become essential to use various techniques. There are problems that a person faces while marketing their podcasts. This blog is there to squash all the rising doubts on how to market your podcasts. Using these 7 great marketing strategies, you can easily increase your podcast audience. 


1. Use Podcatchers like iTunes and Spotify

All you got to do is invest yourself in iTunes. Apple is winning the world, no doubt but it is iTunes that have gained huge popularity when it comes to podcasts. 
A similar condition prevails for Spotify. ITunes has been used from the beginning and there is no denying in its popularity. Spotify is the new center of attraction for podcast production. All the influencers and other interested people are diving deep into Spotify.
You can submit your podcasts to Spotify through the following steps:
(i) Be equipped with Spotify’s needs
(ii) Then create your account on the Podcatcher
(iii) Read and accept the terms and conditions
(iv) You will be provided an RSS link which you would be asked.
(v) Then you need to verify your authority over the podcast.
(vi) You must enter the descriptions and details.
(vii) Now comes the final step of submission.

2. Email-marketing

You can use e-mail marketing to market your podcasts very easily. Email marketing is a great way to promote your podcasts. You can build engaging relations with your audiences. 
Weekly newsletters can be implemented. You can send these newsletters every week as a reminder to the audiences with lucrative entertainment mentioned in the emails. E-mail marketing helps build a loyal customer base.

3. Transcript podcasts into other forms of contents

You must transcript podcasts into other forms of content like videos or in written forms.
Written forms include blogs. There are two ways to do so-- You can directly put out the transcript part in blog format. The second option is that you can write separate blog content based on your podcasts. Blogs have been a hit from the very beginning. Some audiences still prefer to read rather than listen. Senior citizens who are not adapted to the podcasts can become your audience through the blogs. 
Video formats include Youtube. Youtube is the greatest video platform with high fan followers. You can leverage your podcasts by making You Tube videos on them. Videos are much engaging than other media of entertainment. So, why not use it to market your podcasts? 
Search Engine Optimisation or SEO will market your podcasts if they are converted into other formats.

4. Market on social media

With the soaring usage of social media, this is the best time to promote your podcasts on social media. From children to adults, everyone is glued on their social media all the time. With such a huge demand in audiences, you must market your podcasts on social media.
Numerous social media can be put into use—Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter. Before using social media for promoting your podcast, you must analyze and segregate your audience.
All of your audiences won’t be using all the social media apps. Thus you can segregate your contents accordingly. You can put out a minute-long teaser of your podcast. You can collab with other influencers on the social media platforms to promote your podcasts as well.   
Social media are a great tool to create an urgency in the audience. This will act as a great benefactor for your podcasts.

5. Feature popular guests

Featuring new guests in every podcast is very helpful. This will itself market your podcast in the greatest possible way. The personalities whom you would endorse in your podcast will have different sets of fan bases based on their popularity and field of work.
You can get direct access to their fandom and target them as your audience. The best part of featuring guests is that you need not go in search of content. Interviewing guests is great quality content on its own. Listeners are always attracted to the familiar personas, which will serve you right.


6. Plan and record your podcasts beforehand

If you are a newbie in the podcasts world, then you must record a lot of them beforehand. As much as 8-10 podcasts can be pre-recorded. This will maintain your consistency, which is the pre-requisite in building trust among your audiences.
If you are someone, who is facing troubles in gaining a larger audience, then you should focus on planning. A strategic plan can increase your audience in no time.

7. Arrange contests and giveaways

You can arrange contests and giveaways. This will create a direct engagement that you can make with the audiences. You can arrange various contests on your social media. You can:
(i) Plan out a contest like answering a set of questions based on your podcasts.
(ii) You can hold an Instagram contest where you might ask your viewers to tag your podcasts or give you the maximum shoutout.
You can then grandly declare the winners. Award them with some prizes like codes with which they can get a discount on your premium podcasts. 
You must arrange a giveaway after you have made some loyal fans. You can do this through your social media as well.
Contests and giveaways will enthrall your audiences and will induce their audiences. You can tap into new listeners through the shoutouts and the tags in these contests.
You now have all the strategies to market your podcasts. Use the above mentioned methods to gain a high reach among your audiences. 


Author Bio: 
Nishil is a passionate writer, hungry for new innovation. New trends fill him with tons of enthusiasm to uncover hidden topics. Speakaudible covers a wide range of subjects related to audiobooks.


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