Gone are the days of heavy, greasy oils to keep skin moisturized in the dead of winter, or during drier months. Read Aleah Kristy's latest blog to learn all the tips and tricks of healthy skin this winter!


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Gone are the days of heavy, greasy oils to keep skin moisturized in the dead of winter, or during drier months. Essential oils are now a daily necessity and a year-round maintenance for the skin. The best essential oils quickly absorb into the skin, offering everything from hydration and smoothing bumps, to clearing up blemishes. There are even specialized oils targeting particular skin problems such as scarring, eczema, acne, uneven tone, and more. The ideal way to use oils is right after a shower because the pores have been opened, allowing for swift absorption. And using them is simple: Just apply a bit to a small towel or washcloth, pat the skin, and then massage in a circular motion.

Despite the popularity of natural oils, there are still plenty of people who are intimidated by them. But the key is to figure out which oil is right for your skin, and start slowly with just a drop or two. That said, here are five skin care oils that are just some of the most highly recommended by experts, so find out which one you should try.

Olive Oil for Dry Skin

Using olive oil for the skin may seem odd as it’s more commonly known for cooking and salad dressing. However, extra virgin olive oil is highly recommended for those with very dry skin. (Note the word "very.") What’s good is you can just buy any brand at your grocery store. Just be sure to look for the term "first cold press" on the bottle. These formulas are higher in antioxidants than other varieties.

Rosehip Oil for Sensitive Skin

Rosehip oil is a non-fragrant plant oil derived from the hip and seed portion of various types of rose plants. It doesn’t have the familiar rose scent because the flower portion isn’t used. Rosehip oil is a great source of skin-calming phytosterols plus several fatty acids, primarily linoleic and linolenic acids, perfect for sensitive skin. Both of these acids help protect and replenish skin’s vital barrier.

Blackcurrant Seed Oil for Skin Repair

If your skin had been traumatized in some way, like after a laser treatment, too much time in the sun, or even windburn from skiing, the answer is blackcurrant seed oil. It's a good repair treatment even for acne because it's rich in fatty acids and has anti-inflammatory properties. It’s become a popular ingredient in different types of skincare products. Pretty Me features one such item in the Snail White Whipp Soap, a popular product that’s touted for being a gentle cleanser that also combats acne and dark spots. The blackcurrant seed oil in this formula is responsible for fighting off pimples and even conditions like eczema.

Grapeseed Oil for Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, even if you don't have acne, you're probably hesitant to use oils in general. But grapeseed oil can actually help regulate your natural oil production. Plus, it's packed with antioxidants, including the skin-brightening Vitamin C. Allure recommends the Caudalie Vine Activ Overnight Detox Oil as the face oil for people who hate face oils. Its lightweight formula not only helps treat your oily skin, but also protects your skin from pollutants and other icky stuff floating around in the air.

Argan Oil for Anti-Aging

Argan oil is said to smooth fine lines and wrinkles while moisturizing skin. This oil contains a high concentration of Vitamin E and fatty acids, which are more stable in sunlight than other antioxidants, so it's great to wear during the day. Candy Talks Beauty highlights The Face Shop Argan Oil Mist as a hydrating, moisturizing, and cooling product — perfect for fighting off the dry weather that makes your skin age quickly.

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