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How To Create A Wellness Sanctuary In Your Backyard By Jennifer Li


Many of us are homesick these days: meaning we're sick of being stuck at home. By creating a wellness sanctuary in your backyard, you can take advantage of the 250 days of sunshine Colorado Springs gets every year. This space will help you find calm and joy in these hectic times.

Ways to Create a Wellness Sanctuary in Your Backyard


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You can practice yoga just about anywhere, but you can create a more permanent yoga sanctuary in your backyard and greet the rising sun each morning. This sanctuary will also allow you to step away from your work-from-home office and get in a few asanas.

Install a pavilion -- either DIY or hire a landscaping pro -- and you will have shelter from any wet weather and a hard surface underneath your mat to make your poses easier to hold.





Research shows that gardening lowers the stress hormone cortisol and counts as moderate exercise.

For wellness, you can recreate a bit of the Denver Botanic Gardens in your own backyard. Enjoy the fresh flowers or whip up fresh farm to table veggie dishes straight out of your garden.

Where to begin? Start with easy-to-care for plants that are native to Colorado Springs -- they need less water, and less attention. After all, native plants have evolved to thrive here, and you’ll get more joy out of a garden that’s not constantly on life support.  



A Place to Relax


There are no rules saying that you have to do anything in your wellness sanctuary. It may simply be enough to step away from the house and spend a blissful hour alone outside.

How to do this: Create a dedicated space for a sanctuary that you can return to again and again.

That could mean a swinging chair on the back patio, or a hammock strung between two sturdy trees. Or install a fire pit and comfortable seating, and you can while away the evening hours after the kids are in bed. Just stare into the flames and meditate.


A Place to Get Fit

It’s no surprise that we're visiting the gym less during the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean you should let any gains go by the wayside.

Turn your backyard into a fitness sanctuary and feed your soul and your muscles at the same time.

A covered patio or a pavilion are ideal for keeping your backyard gym dry, but you can also hang a tarp between two trees.

Choose your equipment -- anything from resistance bands and a slam ball to a whole weight rack depending on your needs and your budget. Keep in mind, yoga requires no equipment. 


A Final Word

Wellness is not a rigid idea. It’s practicing good habits that promote better physical and mental health. A wellness space is defined by those activities that inspire you to do better for yourself. Don’t be limited by what defines wellness for others; create your space around whatever defines wellness for you.  


Jennifer Li is a vegan, physical therapist and yoga instructor who writes about spiritual and wellness issues for both humans and their companions.

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